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We are in the heart of Kentucky within riding distance of the vast and sprawling  Daniel Boone National Forest.   This National State Park has so many features suitable for all visitors to the area.  Some features of the area include approximately, ninety five miles of groomed and maintained horse trails, and Cave Run Lake which features boating, water sports and attracting fishing enthusiast from around the country. Our location is perfect for equine enthusiast that want to capitalize on great trails heads in the immediate area. Our Services offer many an opportunity for PEMP Therapy, Training and Trail Riding. Watch for Scheduled Events we will offer here at the Farm near Salt Lick, Kentucky. Our Farm is equipped with many amenities.  We have a host of happy clients for references.


All Life is made of CELLS    They come in thousands of shapes and sizes.  The human body has over 100 trillion of them carrying out the dance of life in our bodies.  They ask only that we take care of ourselves.  We are only as Healthy as those cells.

Life Pulse

Detect where a Horse is Sore. Relieves pain and body soreness. Reduce Inflammation Improve Performance Accelerate Healing No Drugs – No Side Effects


Perfect for horses that perform in the arena or the trail. They love the treatments and relax almost immediately. Dogs especially love the treatments and like the healing on their joints.  Especially older dogs.


How does PEMF Work? Each of these cells in your body has a magnetic field surrounding itself. This is the same magnetic field that doctors measure when they do an EKG or EEG. Cells function by pulling oxygen and nutrients in through the cell membrane to metabolize as energy and pushing waste and toxins out. This in and out process is what creates the magnetic field “charge” around each cell. Science has proven that damaged, weak cells caused by stress, overuse, environmental toxins, poor nutrition, age, or injury have an imbalanced electrical charge (similar to that of a low battery). ​When the voltage of a cell is compromised, the cell membrane loses permeability, oxygen and nutrients cannot flow into the cell, and waste and toxins start accumulating inside the cell. The body’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself slows down and physical dysfunction such as inflammation manifests. This metabolic change ultimately results in loss of energy, pain, swelling, illness and ultimately, disease. ​  Contact us to reserve your therapy.


Member of LifePulse Team of Worldwide Certified Equine Practitioners

Trained & Certified @ Wilderness Packers and Horsemanship College

Member of AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association)

Trains and Studies Natural Horsemanship

Member of Carson James Natural Horsemanship

Musculoskeletal System Digital

Musculoskeletal system of the horse. Julian Butler built the model and setup the simulation layers for Weta Digital's horse asset. This involved utilizing many different data resources including mocap acquisition, X-ray, CT-Scan and photography to build a working skeletal and muscle model structure with Weta Digital's proprietary FEM solving platform known as Tissue. Weta Digital, New Zealand http://www.wetafx.co.nz/

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